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Prism Women | Jennie Forsberg
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Finding My GIft :: It’s Who I Am

Gift: A notable capacity, talent, or endowment. A special ability.   I first attended Prism :: Gifts over three years ago. It was the first event I'd ever seen of its kind. I was excited to be a part of it. It had been a running joke with my friends as we prepared to go attend that I had no idea what my gifting was. I was leading in ministry in a full-time capacity and was still so unaware of exactly how God had made me and was using me.   I remember my dear friend, Nicole Cottrell, giving an overview on each gifting....

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When God Asks Me to Chase Him: My One Word

Can I be completely honest? As we (Prism Women) launched an entire campaign for the "One Word" concept for 2016 I felt so excited. I am a full believer in the concept of seeking God for something special He has for us as a new year turns. God's character bleeds with new beginnings, fresh revelations, renewed inspiration, change, zeal and preparation for whats to come. I was joyfully anticipating what God would be doing in all the amazing women that jumped in and what different things He would speak to everyone for exactly where they are at.   Inside myself was an...

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Let’s…Let’s Stay Together…

[dropcaps type='circle' color='' background_color='' border_color='']F[/dropcaps]iguring things out on your own. Keeping your problems, victories, fears, hopes and dreams to yourself. Keeping it all together and powering through with all you have. Proving to yourself you are strong enough on your own.   Leaning on others for support, wisdom, and encouragement. Letting people see who you are, your deepest fears, insecurities, hopes, and dreams. Being exposed in and honest about faults, failures and frailties. Looking to be accepted and supported and not judged and abandoned.   Which of these scares you the most?   In my life I have always leaned towards being an "open book." I desire...

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Joy, Joy, Joy!

I have been living the abundant life God has promised me? What does that really look like? Am I supposed to feel happy all the time if I've got this "thing" down?  My answer to my own question is no and I don't know.   No, I feel like there is certainly more abundance God wants for me, but I don't really know what that looks like, and it would be impossible to be human and be happy all the time. I am chasing after the one thing that I know is real, what I know God desires for me, and I...

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For the Love of Beauty

Shepherd. Striving to draw out beauty, strength, and freedom in all people through truth and love. Creative. Finding unique ways to delight the eyes, ears, minds, and souls of people, all with the expectation of Jesus Christ shining through even brighter.   I have always drawn an eclectic crowd, if you will. Since I was young I always loved, appreciated and connected with different personalities, ages, and walks of life. I never quite fit into one single group. I had several different "friend groups" and just coasted around enjoying all of them in different ways.   Have you ever thought, where do I fit...

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Through My Eyes

[dropcaps type='circle' color='' background_color='' border_color='']I[/dropcaps] am completely in love with "The Church".  It is my heart. I believe in it as God's plan for this broken world! It makes me so excited to know that I, little me, am part of a huge move of God in this world.   When I wake up on Sunday morning I am filled with anticipation! Not because of a religious tradition but because I know what the Holy Spirit can do and that is always exciting!   I love walking through a corridor and seeing different faces, different, stories, different races, different backgrounds, different opinions; same love. The...

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Pieces of this Mother’s heart

My core desire as a mother can be summed up in this:   To raise children who are completely in love with Jesus and desire to experience Him and live for Him all the days of their lives.   As the day to day struggles of parenting go by, do I feel like I can accomplish this? If I'm honest, no. But I am holding out hope.   At the heart of it, I want what God wants for my kids. I often forget that this is the very thing He wants for me. We aren't any different in His eyes. Both His children, both make mistakes,...

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The Beautiful Line to The Throne

God created a precious and powerful line of communication that goes straight to Him. It is prayer.   The Devil has no ability to contain this. It is the raw material of God and His people. Prayer is out of Satan's influence. He has no power to warp or influence a prayers's trajectory to God's throne after it has been prayed.  Once it is prayed, it bounces around eternity burning before the throne of God. That is quite the picture of what prayer is and how God sees it, but do we truly believe and feel the gravity of what we are doing...

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