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Prism Women | Event
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Finding My Gift :: No Truer Words

For the first thirty-four years of my life, I figured it was just me—too sensitive, too perceptive, too everything. I isolated myself to do everyone a favor.   When I visited Phoenix over spring break in 2012, my brother called because he wanted me to meet a friend. He felt bad that I’d never had a mentor, even though I had mentored so many, so he arranged for Kathy and me to meet each other for coffee.   An hour before I was to meet Kathy, a vomiting migraine pummeled me. But when you’re desperate, even searing pain won’t stop you from getting what...

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This Is How We Overcome

“Behold, now is the favorable time.” -2 Corinthians 6:2   PRISM :: OVERCOME: On Saturday, April 25, at New City Church in downtown Phoenix, nearly one hundred women of all ages gathered under the leadership of Christ, where event speakers—brokenhearted yet wholehearted—risked sharing vulnerable testimonies to reveal how Jesus can rewrite anyone’s story.   Just as women began to break the ice in early morning conversation, Prism’s spoken word poet Kayla Koehn approached us: “Can you hear the chains breaking?” she asked. We looked around and remembered the word God had spoken over the women that morning: they had brought with them a spirit of...

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