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Prism Women | Grace
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Faith in the Dark :: When You Experience Otherwise

  Today I’m celebrating the release of my friend Addie Zierman’s second memoir Night Driving: A Story of Faith in the Dark. I’ve read the book and I think you should, too. Addie asked her community to join in the conversation with this invitation: In this synchroblog, I’m hoping you’ll tell me your stories of faith in the darkness. One of my least favorite things in both American and Christian culture is how quickly we skip over the dark spaces of our stories to get to the redemption and beauty and light. I want to spend a little time talking about...

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Pieces of this Mother’s heart

My core desire as a mother can be summed up in this:   To raise children who are completely in love with Jesus and desire to experience Him and live for Him all the days of their lives.   As the day to day struggles of parenting go by, do I feel like I can accomplish this? If I'm honest, no. But I am holding out hope.   At the heart of it, I want what God wants for my kids. I often forget that this is the very thing He wants for me. We aren't any different in His eyes. Both His children, both make mistakes,...

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Grace and the Good Girl

“What I believe about God is the most important thing about me.” –A.W. Tozer   Legalism Strict adherence, or the principle of strict adherence, to law or prescription, especially to the letter rather than the spirit; the doctrine that salvation is gained through good works; the judging of conduct in terms of adherence to precise law (     When the woman caught in adultery met Jesus, she must have felt more exposed than she already was. She stood before God incarnate, knowing she had sinned. She assumed her fate was sealed: her last sight would be of stones careening toward her; her last sensation would...

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