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Prism Women | For the Love of Beauty
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For the Love of Beauty

For the Love of Beauty

Shepherd. Striving to draw out beauty, strength, and freedom in all people through truth and love. Creative. Finding unique ways to delight the eyes, ears, minds, and souls of people, all with the expectation of Jesus Christ shining through even brighter.


I have always drawn an eclectic crowd, if you will. Since I was young I always loved, appreciated and connected with different personalities, ages, and walks of life. I never quite fit into one single group. I had several different “friend groups” and just coasted around enjoying all of them in different ways.


Have you ever thought, where do I fit in exactly? I have. But I know that a little piece of me and my heart belongs in so many different places and that is how God made me to be.


As I’ve grown in years and maturity, God has clearly shown me this is a part of my calling–connecting, loving, relating and walking beside. No walls, no judgment. He has shown me that the unique beauty and strength he has given me through my weaknesses and experiences are to be shared–to show others what I uniquely see in them and strive to draw them near to myself, others, and most of all, Christ.


Yet you Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand” Isaiah 64:8


Through this appreciation and love for God’s creation flows a creativity in me. I am often preoccupied with aesthetic beauty and how it can bring about many other experiences. I dream of spaces transformed, showing parts of myself through personal expression, and moods being altered by a special atmosphere. I have found excitement in dreaming up a vision and making it a reality.


God has shown me a deeper purpose in this: that He can use my love for beauty and creativity to make spaces for Him, His presence, His love. 


Everything makes us feel something. God created us to feel. We have senses that He uses in every part of life. I am forever chasing what those are and where they fit just right–the feelings of love, comfort, fun, anticipation, excitement, happiness, unity etc. My desire in all places and things I touch is to create a space that puts people in a position to feel all of the wonderful attributes of God, and to experience Him fuller.


There is a deep satisfaction and freedom in living inside our purpose. God has formed us in such unique ways and I am ever confident that He will keep revealing direction and new ways for us to use our purposes for His Glory!


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