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Prism Women | How I Learned to Read a Map
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How I Learned to Read a Map

This week, I’m guest posting on Rebecca Duvall’s site In His WayRebecca’s testimony recently aired on The 700 Club; she’s an authentic voice in the faith community, and we’re happy to partner with her in sharing our stories. Here’s a bit of mine that you can read entirely on her site. -Renee

“It then occurred to me that this was not the first time I had been given a map that failed to show many of the things I could see right in front of my eyes. All through school and university I had been given maps of life and knowledge on which there was hardly a trace of many of the things that I most cared about and that seemed to me to be of the greatest possible importance for the conduct of my life. I remembered that for many years my perplexity was complete; and no interpreter came along to help me. It remained complete until I ceased to suspect the sanity of my perceptions and began, instead, to suspect the soundness of the maps.” 

– E. F. Schumacher, A Guide for the Perplexed


I’m the girl who likes to ask questions, especially when I need directions. I’m inclined to trust others’ judgment over my own. When I was 21 and lost in Edinburgh, I stopped a local—a man about 90—to get directions to a restaurant. He’ll know, I assured myself. Old Scotsmen have wisdom. His accent, however, was thick and his speech, hurried. I thanked him and stood squarely on the cobblestone street, wondering how I’d pinpoint the few words I could decipher to reach my destination.


Click to read the whole post on In His Way

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