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Prism Women | The Lord, Our Only Salvation
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The Lord, Our Only Salvation


The last year of my life has been quite a huge stepping-stone and journey. In 12 months, I have learned more about my spiritual gifts than ever, especially about being equipped and stepping out in more faith and authority to walk in them daily. Hearing from the Lord more clearly for others and myself has been on my radar, as well.


At Overcome, I had to stop and ask the Lord what things I needed breakthrough in or a shift in perspective.


One challenge He highlighted to me was the feeling of personal responsibility to be a form of salvation to others. As I uncover more of the characteristics of prophets and exhorters (a scary combo, I know), it is easy to feel a slight responsibility to have the right scripture and advice to bring someone out of a place of pain.


Occasionally, I found myself feeling disappointed when I saw a person I had ministered to weeks later claim that they were still struggling with the same issue. It caused me to doubt myself and question my own accuracy of hearing from the Lord.


At a retreat a few weeks ago, I had some amazing alone time with the Lord about a few things that were nagging at my heart regarding this issue. I was gently and quickly reminded that it has never been my job to be anyone’s salvation.


Even if wisdom is coupled with scripture and a word of knowledge, it still may not be received quickly. And that is ok! I was reminded that my only job is to invite others into a deep relationship with the One who IS salvation.


The journey in Him with each of us is marked by our own twists and turns, delays, and stumbles; but, again, each time it is to draw us back to His heart. And all things are according to His time and His will. Even if I He uses me to bless others with a scripture or a word, it is not my responsibility to make sure if it worked.


My job as a minister of the gospel is to invite others to the river that never runs dry and even learn to sit and rest at the shore of difficulty with that person until the Lord himself speaks.


I have chosen to find rest in the fact that no book, conference, or encouraging word can replace seeking His face.


He is a patient, loving, and wise God. Thank goodness He found a way to save us way before we knew we needed salvation.



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