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Prism gatherings will likely be different from other “conferences” you have attended. In a gathering focused solely on Jesus—not on big names or A-list speakers—every single woman is honored and encouraged to participate as an important and vital part of His body.


single ladies vinatge



At a Prism :: Single Ladies gathering, you’ll hear from women of all ages and from many walks of life—single and married, in ministry and business—address subjects that will encourage and empower you to focus on the right now of your life, without needing to have a ring on it first.

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Prism Gifts Balloons



At a Prism :: Gifts gathering, you will discover your primary spiritual gifting, be equipped by other women with similar giftings, and receive empowerment from the Holy Spirit to operate in your gifting.


More importantly, you will learn how to flourish in ministry by being strengthened to walk freely in your gifting and inspired to encourage others to do the same .

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Prism Roots



When we retreat, we allow ourselves necessary rest to better clear our minds and engage with Jesus.


Prism :: Roots, a two-day overnight event in Scottsdale, Arizona, will allow Jesus to get to the bottom of things in order for us to move forward in all that he has for us.


Through workshops, prayer sessions, and genuine rest, we’ll seek out and find the deeper things of God.

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You know Jesus’ greatest commandment is to love God and love others (Matt. 22:36-40), but do you know how God has specifically created you to accomplish this mission?


At Prism :: Discover, you’re invited to seek and find answers to what forms your identity: Who are you? Who is your God? 


Discover is a thrilling time of unlocking God’s passion, purpose, and plan for your life.

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How should we respond when our circumstances seem bigger than our God? How do we move forward when the past feels so present?


Overcome allows us to ask these questions within the safety of God’s grace and a nurturing environment. We will uncover past hurts, patterns, and fears, bringing them into the Light, where we can receive equipping, hope, and freedom.

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How much do we long to hear the Lord’s voice? How do we quiet ourselves from the distractions of life to listen to The One whom we long to hear from? At Listen we uncover the various ways God speaks—from reading scripture to receiving words from the Holy Spirit. You will leave more equipped to hear His voice and encouraged to help others do the same.




Prism values worship and prayer. We gather with women at various local churches to do just this, fostering a prayerful environment and the opportunity to worship freely. Join us for our worship night to sing, rest, receive ministry, and be filled.