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Prism Women | Reflecting You :: Reflecting Christ
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Prism Women exists from the conviction that every woman has the power of the Living God within her. Just as this God reveals Himself in multifaceted ways—like Father, Son, and Spirit—He also expresses Himself through His daughters in myriad styles, just as a prism reflects the same light source uniquely.

Through our events and resources, Prism empowers women by abolishing gender discrimination and allowing all faith-based participants a voice.


We long to be with one another, to be known, to be heard, to be understood, to be a part, and to be free. Prism celebrates you and calls you to ``be.``


Equipping isn't simply giving you tools, but also supplying you with the spiritual fortitude to return to your church home able to serve more boldly and more fully.


Knowing our identity and being equipped in that knowledge isn't enough. We desire to see women inspired to serve, minister, and love in greater measure.

About Prism

Imagine some of your closest friends invited you to experience God in a new and powerful way, next to other women just like you. You were asked to come as you are. Once there, you were equipped and inspired to serve Jesus more authentically within your community. You left feeling bonded by the experience you shared. You’ve imagined Prism. And you are personally invited.

Prism desires to come alongside the local church to train up women to be confident in our God-given leadership and service abilities as we corporately discover more of Jesus. We trust and listen to the Spirit of God and each other. Jesus is the only headliner here, and we are His captive audience.




GATHERINGS (and counting)





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